Paintings Capture The Spirit!


Richard Budig
3342 Mohawk St
Lincoln, NE 68510

About the Artist:

 A “sketcher” all his life, artist Richard Budig (rhymes with Buick) began painting seriously about 20 years ago, specializing in portraitures. He has studied with regional portrait artists Charles Cross of Loveland, CO, and Jack Hines, a Big Timber, Montana, Western artist. He also studied several times with internationally known portrait artist Daniel Greene of New York.

 Budig wore many hats before retiring to paint full time. He is a published writer; worked in, and owned his own advertising agency; designed and manufactured custom jewelry; and worked and flew as a public relations man for Beechcraft-Hawker Corp., of Wichita, KS. He holds several private pilot ratings.

 While he prefers portrait work, Budig also paints still life and anything else that tickles his fancy.

 “However, it is the human face and form that fascinates me,” he says. “Why is that brow so heavy … what makes those eyes so tender … is there really a bull dog behind that stern jaw?” he asks.

And, he wonders, why are the old and young alike in some ways? For example, babies and young children are hardly more than round, cuddly things with smooth faces and trusting eyes. Likewise it is with the aged. They, too, begin to soften and their quiet eyes often take on the look of trust once given only to babies and children

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